Open Debate – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Meeting Decision Making Glossary

What is an open debate? An open debate is a discussion or conversation where individuals express their opinions, ideas, and arguments freely and openly. It is a process that allows for the exchange of different viewpoints and perspectives on a particular topic or issue. Open debate encourages participants to listen to each other, challenge assumptions, … Read more

Agenda Setter – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Participation Roles Glossary

What is an Agenda Setter? An agenda setter is an individual or group that has the power to influence what topics are discussed and prioritized in public discourse. They have the ability to shape the public agenda by highlighting certain issues and framing them in a way that captures the attention of the media, policymakers, … Read more

Feedback Survey – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Follow-up Actions Glossary

What is a Feedback Survey? A feedback survey is a tool used by organizations to gather information from customers, employees, or other stakeholders about their experiences, opinions, and preferences. These surveys typically consist of a series of questions that respondents answer to provide feedback on a product, service, or experience. Feedback surveys can be conducted … Read more

On-Demand Webcast – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Meeting Technology Glossary

What is an On-Demand Webcast? An On-Demand Webcast is a type of online video presentation or broadcast that is pre-recorded and made available for viewing at any time by the audience. Unlike live webcasts that are broadcast in real-time, On-Demand Webcasts allow viewers to access the content at their convenience, enabling them to watch the … Read more

Participation Rate – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Meeting Analytics Glossary

What is Participation Rate? Participation Rate refers to the percentage of individuals who actively engage in a meeting or event. It measures the level of involvement and contribution of attendees during a specific period of time. A high Participation Rate indicates that attendees are actively participating and engaging in discussions, while a low Participation Rate … Read more

Mute When Not Speaking – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Meeting Etiquette Glossary

What does it mean to “mute when not speaking” in a meeting? “Mute when not speaking” in a meeting refers to the practice of muting your microphone when you are not actively speaking. This is commonly done in virtual meetings, conference calls, and webinars to minimize background noise and distractions for other participants. By muting … Read more