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Methodical Meetings Workshop

Our full day, on-site training will give your team the psychological insights they need, to hold shorter, more focused, more productive workplace meetings.

The Methodical Advantage


Methodical meetings are guided by pre-designed worksheets that we provide, cutting prep time in half.

More Focused

Instead of broad, circular discussions, Methodical meetings focus on very narrow problem solving activities.

More Enjoyable

Methodical meetings are designed to keep attendees in sync, making meeting shorter and more fun.

The Problem

  • Do many of the meetings at your organization feel, long, circular, disorganized?
  • Do they leave you feeling like you didn’t make quite the amount of progress that you hoped?
  • Do you sometimes wonder if there was a better way to accomplish the task?

We can help you feel like every meeting matters.


What Makes Us Different

Most meeting advice tells us what we already know: start the meeting on time, have an agenda, know your purpose.

The real key to fixing unproductive meetings though, is to follow the Collaboration Commandment.

The Collaboration Commandment: Individuals can solve problems intuitively, but groups must solve problems methodically.

What is a Methodical Meeting?

  • Methodical Meetings focus on just one problem solving activity at a time, instead of broad, wide ranging discussions.
  • Methodical Meetings are guided by simple pre-designed worksheets, not vague open-ended agendas.
  • Methodical Meetings ensure attendees are in complete alignment on the measurable outcome of each meeting

To learn more about  the Methodical Meeting Approach read this article.

About the Workshop

The Methodical Meeting Workshop is an on-site, full day, interactive, classroom style training session. Attendees will:

  • Learn a step by step system for making any upcoming meeting more productive.
  • See examples of how leading companies are using Methodical Meetings to get more done
  • Apply the Methodical Meeting System to real world problems you and your teams are facing right now.

About the Trainer

Al Pittampalli

  • Al Pittampalli frequently helps groups like NASA, Starbucks, Kaiser Permanente, Allstate, and more improve the quality of their meetings.
  • His first book, Read This Before Our Next Meeting, printed in 5 languages and now out in over 100,000 copies, is one of the most popular meeting guides of the last decade.
  • Al is a contributor to Harvard Business Review and has been featured in NPR, Forbes, and the World Economic Forum.
  • He is also the author of Persuadable: How Great Leaders Change Their Minds to Change the World (Harper Business 2016) which was chosen by The Wall Street Journal as a book-of-the month.

Some of the Companies We've Helped

  • AllState
  • Purdue Extension
  • Nokia
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Tata Consulting
  • Abbott Labs
  • Honeywell
  • AEP
  • Nordea
  • Lululemon
  • McGill University Health
  • HJF Medical Research
  • Toyota
  • Fluor
  • SWYP NHS Foundation
  • Hertz
  • NASA
  • AbbVie Inc.
  • Kent County Michigan
  • News Corp
  • AMA
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Businessolver
  • Columbia University
  • Biogen

What People Are Saying About Al


The people that lead the meetings at our highest executive level are changing the way they use their face to face time because of what they learned.”

- Brent Trickett, National Coaching Director, Power to Change


[Al’s] fresh take on the skills needed to successful in a modern office community are invaluable. He presents his ideas with style, grace, and good humor. His content is excellent and very helpful. A true new voice in providing workplace/work life improvements.”

- Kate Klugston, Google


Random participants have even sought me out to brag about broken meetings they’ve opted out of… the benefits of the training are only beginning to be realized.”

- KC Procter, Starbucks


Changing the manner in which we meet, Al caused us to rethink the purpose of our meetings.”

- Larry N. Sweet, NASA, Johnson Space Center Chief Information Officer

Who is it For?

The primary audience for the workshop is anyone who leads an average of one meeting per week.

The secondary audience for the workshop is anyone who attends more than three meetings per week. If possible, we recommend both audiences attend.

Contact Us

For questions about the Methodical Meetings Workshop fill out the contact form below, or e-mail our program manager directly at dave@alpitt.com.

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