How to Run an Effective Meeting

How to Run an Effective Meeting

Meetings are the lifeblood of any organization. They’re how we communicate, make decisions, and collaborate on the most important issues of the day. They’re also the most public display of leadership ability. Fair or not — your bosses, colleagues, and team members will use the quality of your meetings to judge the quality of your overall leadership. So if you want to be seen as an effective leader, you better get good at leading effective meetings.

This isn’t always easy. Meetings are notorious for lacking a clear purpose, failing to generate decisions or action items, and just plain feeling like a waste of time. The resources below are designed to help you avoid these pitfalls. With a little practice, you’ll hold the kind of productive meetings that leave participants feeling energized and glad they attended.

What to Do Before Convening Any MeetingWhen it comes to meetings, the most important judgment you need to make is deciding whether or not hold one to begin with. These articles will help you determine whether your meeting is worth convening.The One Question You Must Ask Before Calling a Meeting
The ‘Should I Hold a Meeting?’ Checklist
7 Reasons for Holding a One-on-one Conversation Instead of a Meeting
Running a Decision-Oriented MeetingOften, you’ll want to hold a meeting for the purpose of coming to a decision. But all decisions are not created equal. Different kinds of decisions warrant different kinds of meetings. These resources will help you think through what kind of decision-oriented meeting to hold, and how to hold it. Conflict or Coordination: Two Different Kinds of Decision-oriented Meetings
6 Tips for Facilitating a Vigorous Debate
Running an Informational MeetingSometimes, you’ll want to hold a meeting to communicate some kind of information to your team. Unfortunately, these kinds of meetings are at most risk of feeling like a waste of time for participants. The following resource will help you run informational meetings more efficiently. The Right Way to Hold Informational Meetings
Running a Brainstorm

Occasionally, you’ll want to hold a meeting for the purpose of generating ideas. These sessions shouldn’t be thought of as standard meetings. They should be run as brainstorming sessions. The following video will show you how. 10 Tips for Running a Powerful Brainstorm
Assigning Action Items at Any MeetingMaking sure every meeting ends with clear action items is one of the most sacred responsibilities of any meeting leader. These resources will help ensure you do so skillfully.How to Ensure There’s Enough Time for Assigning Action Items
A Stunningly Effective Tip for Assigning Action Items


Tools to help you implement the Modern Meeting Standard in your organization

I’ll be occasionally adding resources, tools, and goodies to this page to help you implement the Modern Meeting inside your organization.

Some of these resources will be useful, but they are not meant to be prescriptive. Remember the Modern Meeting at its heart is a posture, an attitude, a new spirit for reinventing meetings…not a rule book. Have fun inventing and experimenting.