Read This Before Our Next Meeting

Read This Before Our Next Meeting is published by Portfolio / Penguin. (It was originally published by Seth Godin’s innovative publishing imprint, The Domino Project Powered by Amazon).

During the week of its release it was the most popular Kindle book in the world.

Later it was selected by renowned business book expert Todd Sattersten (bestselling author of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time) as the #4 best business book of 2011.

And the IBM Competitive Edge Book Club selected Read This Before Our Next Meeting as its Q1 read for 2012.

Praise for Read This Before Our Next Meeting:

“Compromise, Status Quo, Deficient Organization – like a physician’s bag overflowing with powerful medicines, Al Pittampalli’s new book delivers the prescription for an organization suffering from meeting malaise.”

– Marshall Goldsmith, Author of the New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“Al Pittampalli addresses a time worn challenge that just about all of us have experienced for which may of us are chief executioner:  Death by Meeting.   If you find yourself withering away in endless meetings, if your organization suffers from consensus constipation, if you can’t seem to get a decision made this century, read this book.  Wait a minute – reading this book won’t help any more than reading a prescription will get you better.  Instead, apply the Seven Principles and let your creative productivity soar!”

– Russell Bishop, Senior Editor at Large Huffington Post and author of Workarounds That Work

“Sucked dry, worn down, numbed out: pick your metaphor. Anyway you cut it, bad meetings are killing you and your organization. This book will be your shield and sword to get your life back. Now, we just need to sort out email.”

– Michael Bungay Stanier, author of Do More Great Work

“The majority of us have the same experience: at some point during the day, we lift our heads out of the haze of phone calls, emails and meetings and say, ‘I need to go home so I can get some work done!’ You can’t get more counter-productive than that. The main reason is that meetings not only suck, but that meetings suck the life out of organizations. It doesn’t have to be that way and it shouldn’t. Finally, there’s a shining light for all of us in Al Pittampalli’s Read This Before Our Next Meeting. Unfortunately, the book was named poorly. It should be called,Read This Now! Please!

– Mitch Joel, President of Twist Image and author, Six Pixels of Separation.

“The typical corporate meeting makes you feel like you’re busy doing something. But as Al Pittampalli explains, meetings are a mess – an unproductive waste of time to validate the status quo. In his fascinating manifesto, Al presents a better way – the Modern Meeting – to actually move your business forward. If you want to create a culture of decisive action, get out of your nice comfortable meeting room and read this book now.”

– David Meerman Scott, Bestselling author, Real-Time of Marketing & PR

“There’s a big difference between talking about doing something and actually doing it. If you’ve ever been in a meeting whose sole purpose was to plan for another meeting, you NEED this book.”

– Josh Kaufman, author of The Personal MBA

“I dutifully avoid meetings whenever possible, which is pretty much always. If I was to go to meetings, though, I’d want Al to run them. And if that wasn’t possible, I’d send this book to everyone else ahead of time and wait for them to cancel the meeting or run it exactly how this book describes.”

– Chris Guillebeau, Author, The Art of Non-Conformity

“If you live meeting-to-meeting, this book will save your business life.”

– Tim Sanders, Author, Today We are Rich

An Excerpt from Read This Before Our Next Meeting:

“One mediocre meeting after another quietly corrodes our organization, and every day we allow it to happen.

If an operating room were as sloppily run as our meetings patients would die. If a restaurant kitchen put as little planning into the meal as we put into our meetings, dinner would never be served.  Worst of all, our meeting culture is changing how we focus, what we focus on, and what decisions we make.

But there is an answer. A new kind of meeting—the Modern Meeting. Starting today, that’s how we’re going to do business.

Culture change occurs when a transformational idea spreads to enough people. Like a virus that makes its way from person to person, spreading exponentially faster, so can the Modern Meeting.

The status quo must go. Now.  Before it’s too late.”

A Message About Read This Before Our Next Meeting:

Meetings are broken. Read This Before Our Next Meeting is a manifesto written in response to an antiquated meetings system.  The solution: The Modern Meeting Standard.  7 principles that promise to change the way an organization makes decisions and coordinates action.

Read This Before Our Next Meeting is published by the Domino Project powered by Amazon. It’s scheduled for release on August 3rd, 2011. Available in Hard Cover, AudioBook, or Kindle formats.

Written in a uniquely provocative mission statement style format, It’s designed to be handed directly to colleagues.  Available for purchase easily in 5 and 52 packs, Read This Before Our Next Meeting is engineered to spread virally throughout organizations.

The modern meetings revolution has arrived. Join us.

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