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"One of my favorite presentations this year."

– Amy Draves, Microsoft

About Al

Al Pittampalli speaks frequently to groups like NASA, Starbucks, Kaiser Permanente, Allstate, and more. He is a writer for Harvard Business Review and Psychology Today and the author of Read This Before Our Next Meeting (Penguin), which was the most popular kindle book in the world during the week of its release and has been translated into five different languages. As a business consultant, he’s helped organizations like Hertz, Boeing, IBM and more transform the way they think about leadership. His latest book, Persuadable: How Great Leaders Change Their Minds to Change the World (Harper Business 2016), was chosen by The Wall Street Journal as a book-of-the month. Al has been featured in NPR, Forbes, CBS and more.

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Meetings Are Broken, Let’s Fix Them

The Modern Meeting Revolution

The Secret of Successful Modern Leaders

Speaking Topics

In Lead Better Meetings, an interactive 6-hour classroom-style training, renowned organizational expert Al Pittampalli will help your staff address the five dreaded meeting problems and take their meeting leadership to the next level. Here’s the agenda:

Topic 1: How to Make Every Meeting Matter.

One participant saunters into the room five minutes late, another arrives unprepared. There’s no agenda, no clear purpose, no action items. As a result, the meeting, this costly session that lies at the heart of how our organization communicates, collaborates, and makes decisions on the most pressing matters of the day is doomed to achieve very little. How do we make meetings matter? In this talk Al will put forth a three-step plan for reforming meetings: (1) fix the broken windows, (2) steer the ship, and (3) seek the truth. You’ll never look at meetings the same way again.

Topic 2: The Modern Meeting – The New Rules of Workplace Collaboration.

The meeting has always been the way we communicate, collaborate, and decide on the pressing matters of the day. But now, in a world of e-mail, Slack, and instant messaging, what exactly is the modern meeting for? The answer may surprise you, and will fundamentally change how you lead, attend, and think about meetings. Based, in part, on Al’s first bestselling book, Read This Before Our Next Meeting, this keynote will give you will help audience members and their teams get more done.

Topic 3: The Psychology of Data Driven Leaders.

With more and more business leaders expected to make data-driven decisions, the obvious question comes up: what does it actually mean to be “data-driven.” In this talk, you’ll learn that the key to making accurate judgments with data is not about the technology but psychology. In the presence, of unfavorable data the most effective decision makers practice what I call “radical open-mindedness”.

Topic 4: How to Improve Performance By Asking for Brutally Honest Feedback.

What makes top performers in any company, field or industry so exceptional? In this conversation, we’ll learn the answer: a proactive willingness to seek out brutally honest feedback. But seeking out feedback takes a particular mindset and a rarely developed set of skills. This keynote will explain precisely what those skills are.

What People Are Saying

testAl Pittampalli is one of our favorite presenters. His fresh take on the skills needed to successful in a modern office community are invaluable. He presents his ideas with style, grace, and good humor. His content is excellent and very helpful. A true new voice in providing workplace/work life improvements.

— Kate Klugston, Google

testAl Pittampalli’s presentation at our 49th International Conference on Fundraising was a forceful message about how we as leaders should use meetings to deliver organizational decisions and actions with the greatest impact. We’d have Al back in a heartbeat.

— Andrew Watt, Association of Fundraising Professionals

testOur members were fascinated by Al’s unique insights … at the end of his talk, he was swarmed with members eager to learn more and spend a few more minutes with such an exciting thinker. It was difficult to tear them away, as no one wanted the event to end. It was truly an unforgettable night.

— Kay Sorin, IVY

testOne of my favorite presentations this year. Persuadable is full of interesting insights, the observations seem counter-intuitive and yet are laid out in a compelling and completely rational way. It doesn’t hurt that Al is super charming, knowledgeable and a great speaker. I look forward to his future effort

— Amy Draves, Microsoft

testIt became clearly obvious the reasons why our members gave your presentation rave reviews. Members took home tangible ideas that they can use to improve their businesses. It showed in the survey responses that we received and the many positive comments that have followed since the conference.

— Thomas Cohn, Decorative Hardware and Plumbing Association

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