New Edition of Read This Before Our Next Meeting

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Four years ago when I published Read This Before Our Next Meeting, I wrote it with an unapologetic bias for action. The book suggested that meetings should be organized in order to resolve decisions as quickly as possible. This posture was a reaction to the toxic culture of over-analysis that I’ve seen lead to so many soul-sucking meetings in organizations. Now out in over 100K copies and translated into five different languages, I’m proud to say the book has helped organizations all over the world have more purposeful and productive meetings. But I also received criticism. Some readers thought I was saying that we should never slow down to thoroughly deliberate on decisions as a group. That was my mistake. Fortunately, I finally get a chance to correct it.

Today, Portfolio (a division of Penguin Random House) is publishing a new and improved edition of Read This Before Our Next Meeting (and it’s finally available in bookstores). The first thing you’ll probably notice when you pick up the book — right after the beautiful new cover — is that the seven principles of the Modern Meeting Standard have been converted into eight principles. Seven wasn’t enough.

As I make clear in this new edition, all decisions are not created equal. While over discussion is an epidemic in organization, some decisions warrant meetings that involve careful group analysis and debate. This new edition will show you which ones, and will teach you how to conduct these sessions without compromising the Modern Meeting’s spirit of decisiveness and forward progress. This spirit is embodied in the book’s new subtitle: How We Can Get More Done.

I’m confident this new edition will help your organization improve its meeting culture even more powerfully than the original did. Go out and buy copies for yourself and your entire team. You won’t regret it.