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I once attended a lifeless 90 minute conference call with over 30 attendees on the topic of meeting efficiency. (I wish I was kidding, but I’m not.)

Every single day, all over the world, there are too many bad meetings to count. Yet it’s hard to find anyone who thinks their meetings are anything less than stellar.

We clearly have a feedback shortage. Because we’re afraid of jeopardizing our career, offending those we care about, or of simply coming off as a jerk, we don’t give people the constructive criticism they deserve (and need to grow).

But we must. Bad meetings are crippling our organizations, and preventing good people from doing real work, the kind that actually matters. Every time we remain silent after a meeting that has wasted our time, we contribute to this growing epidemic.

If only there was a way to provide feedback in a way that was totally anonymous. Well now there is…

Presenting The Anonymous Meeting Feedback Tool. It’s a simple online survey you can use to evaluate your colleague and his or her meetings. When you submit it, the results will be e-mailed to them, anonymously.

I hope you’ll use it professionally and respectfully to give colleagues feedback, when it doesn’t make sense to approach them directly.

And what about you? Can you handle the truth?

If you hold any meetings, I challenge YOU to send this survey to all of your colleagues. Find out what they really think. You may be surprised by what you read, but that’s the point.

What if everyone in your organization used this simple tool to learn the truth about the effectiveness of their meetings? I hope that vision is as exciting to you as it is to me.

I hope you’ll help me share this tool with anyone and everyone you can. The Modern Meetings Revolution benefits us all.

Click on this link for The Anonymous Meeting Feedback Tool

[Note: I can’t promise you this tool will be up for long, so use it now.]


4 thoughts on “The Anonymous Meeting Feedback Tool

  1. This is *fantastic!* Nice work, dude. I agree with ThatGuyKC, too — it’s not unreasonable that something like this could turn into a long-term tool or a paid resource.

    I think one of the biggest challenges here is that many employees consider their meeting culture reasonable because they just don’t realize the alternative. They don’t know that their time is being wasted because they’ve never known anything else; in some cases, they’ve been in far worse situations than currently, so they see their current meeting culture as spectacular. No one has told them how much better it could be.

    What do we do for those people? How do we show them how different their lives and work would be?

    1. I think you have to start with those who know they have a problem…it spreads from there…hopefully reaching those who don’t realize yet.

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